3 Tips to Improve your Public Speaking Bee Yean

Are you a new speaker or want to be one?

Here's my first sharing through #WomenofImpact with Bee Yean Hong, who has been into Global Marketing & Management of more than 15years.

She has got some key speaking tips to share with us!

I could connect & resonate with the way she spoke - super casual and conversational; something I find as one of the key skills of being a great speaker.

My #linkedinfam, what do you think a speaker should have or should take care of while addressing an audience

Between, I have started an initiative hashtag #WomenofImpact - An attempt to bring in women from different corners of the world (work or personal) to share their stories, experiences & knowledge helping us become the women of impact.

It's time we shatter the glass ceiling.

So if you feel connected just jump in and share your experience, knowledge or stories at - http://bit.ly/woig2018