3 Mistakes to Avoid for a Perfect Work-life Balance Nica Foo

Every day we chase to find a perfect balance between our work & personal life!

“It’s not about balance, it about the integration between the two” - says Nica FOO 符䑱芝

And this journey get's difficult if you are a SINGLE MOM to a 9-year-old boy - Yes!

Sharing #WomenofImpact - Nica FOO 符䑱芝, from Singapore with more than 15 years of experience working with Human Talents & optimizing their potential. 

Find out from her 3 mistakes to avoid while chasing for a PERFECT WORK-LIFE BALANCE!

Meet Her

  • LEGO® Serious Play Facilitator
  • Loves Sci-Fi Movies
  • Last but not least, she uses Google Home for delegation.