How Asking the Right Question can Change Things for You Rowena Morais

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 
Most of us have heard this phase 

And I had the opportunity to meet a living epitome of this - 

- Women who not only fought to overcome the big C (#cancer) and made it sound so easy 

- But also raised about $2,000 (MYR 8,000) for the Cancer Research Center Malaysia 

Rowena Morais Super excised to have on #WomenofImpact 

Full of Positivity, compassion & 2x TEDx Speaker, Rowena from Australia 

Listen from her - 

“How Asking The Right Questions Can Change Things For You?”

#LinkedinFam How do you deal with unpleasant uncertainty in life?

Talk to people 
Talk to yourself 
Or just live with it