What Society Bullying Does to You and How to Overcome It Devina Kaur

The reason I am talking about this is because I think society treats it too lightly, it just pushes it away due to a lack of understanding and what one goes through when they do get bullied. 

- No one wants to stand in that person’s shoes; they think it won’t happen to them but it can happen to anyone.

When I was at high school I had people call me out, though I did make sure this doesn’t hit me deep but it would be a lie if I said it didn’t affect me at all. 

So I had the opportunity to have Devina Kaur™️ ~ SEXY BRILLIANT™️ on my #WomenofImpact Show - to know what she thinks about it and how one can fight back! #LinkedinWomen

Know her! 

  • She is a Indian punjabi by heart & has deep love for people! 
  • Founder of SexyBrilliant community 
  • Top 25 Immigrants Awards in Canada  
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Bullying create’s scars that last long - Anything one can do to fight back or overcome #LinkedinFamily 

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